Swelab™️ Lumi
5-part hematology analyzer
Enlightening your opportunities
Swelab Lumi is an entry-level 5-part hematology analyzer intended for the cost-minded clinical laboratory. The user-friendly design makes system operations easy. Robust software and hardware components ensure a reliable instrument performance.
Designed with the operator in mind
Swelab Lumi is designed to simplify work processes and give users better control of sample results and patient records. The intuitive user interface promotes smooth operation, with simple-to-understand and easy-to-navigate menus.
Reliability when it counts
Swelab Lumi provides accurate test results from small sample volumes. Stringent material selection and the intelligent design of system components ensure a reliable instrument performance.
Providing you access to sophisticated diagnostics
Its space-saving compact design makes Swelab Lumi well-suited for the smaller clinical laboratory. Together with a maximized uptime enabled by the robust system performance, the need of only three reagents ensures cost-efficient operations.
A reliable and user-friendly, yet cost-effective 5-part hematology analyzer
Swelab Lumi brings you the opportunity to leverage high-quality diagnostics, while keeping costs to a minimum.
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