Reagent Red Blood Cells

Weekly Production
Manufactured weekly, our continuous production cycle supports the global demand for our high quality products and allows you to inventory up to 8 lots of antibody identification panels with unique cells in date at all times. It also means we have fresh products available when you need it most. Industry-exclusive Flexship options allow you to choose the frequency of your standing order shipments to match your inventory needs.

Consistent and Accurate Manufacturing
In the production of Reagent Red Blood Cells, accuracy is paramount. We have a rich supply of donors and take pride in the quality of our manufacturing to create the best antigen profile on every lot. We apply our experience with molecular immunohematology to enhance the value of our serological products by cross-checking the genotype determinations of all donors using BioArray technology.

Broadest Range of Products
Immucor is proud to offer the broadest product line of traditional Reagent Red Blood Cells on the global market. Our products are designed to serve the needs of laboratories of all sizes – from routine testing to complex antibody investigations.

Blood Grouping and Typing

Most Comprehensive Product Line
As the primary supplier for thousands of blood banks across the globe, we offer a complete product line of traditional antisera. From the routine ABO to a monoclonal Anti-P1 and rare lectins, we have the right reagent to fulfill your inventory needs. In the North American market, we offer many reagents that cannot be sourced from any other supplier.

Variable Package Sizes
We understand that not all laboratories manage the same workload.  To make inventory management more efficient, we provide variable package configurations for many of our routine reagents to support laboratories of all sizes.

Made in the USA
All products are manufactured in the USA providing reliable product supply.

New Monoclonal Blood Grouping Reagents are Now Available:

Anti-Human Globulin

For the blood bank, there is nothing more basic than a quality Anti-Human Globulin reagent.
Immucor provides an extensive offering of AHG reagents from basic to complex with a choice of package sizes and clear or green reagent dye to improve process controls in your laboratory.

Assays may include antibody screening, antibody identification, Weak D testing, antiglobulin crossmatch and rare antigen typing.


As a leading supplier of immunohematology reagents, we realize that laboratories need options. Immucor provides a wide range of additives for enhancing antibody detection tests. Our complete product line includes:

Bovine Serum Albumin:
22% Bovine Albumin

Low-Ionic-Strength Solutions (LISS):
Gamma N-HANCE®™

Polyethylene Glycol:
Gamma PeG™


Gamma® Tech-Chek
BASIC.  Demonstrates competency in forward and reverse ABO/Rh, antibody screen, and antibody identification.

Self Check II
INTERMEDIATE.  Demonstrates competency in forward and reverse ABO/Rh, antibody screen, antibody identification, phenotyping, and crossmatch.

ADVANCED.  Demonstrates competency in forward and reverse ABO/Rh, antibody screen, antibody identification, phenotyping, crossmatch, and direct antiglobulin test (DAT).

Quality Control

A laboratory is driven by the quality of the test results it generates. Immucor provides an array of Quality Control reagents designed to meet stringent quality and compliance standards. Our complete product line includes:

Specialty Products

Immucor carries the largest list of products developed to make life simpler for the Reference Lab serologist and easier for the Transfusion Service technologist. Our portfolio of unique specialty reagents empowers any laboratory to test basic to complex antibody workups. These products help you provide the most compatible blood components, ensuring patient safety and improving patient outcomes.

Immucor provides your laboratory with the broadest range of specialty products for connecting donor to recipient:

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