Biocare Health Resources, Inc. is considered a major and reliable supplier for Immunology, Hematology, Blood Banking, Microbiology, Blood Chemistry, Point of Care, and Immuno-Serological testing for medical laboratories. Meanwhile, it continues to search for more reputable suppliers to complement and improve its product mix for automated Blood Chemistry, Hematology, Blood Gas/Electrolyte, Microbiology, and Allergy Testing.

Chemiluminescence, Blood Gas, Molecular Biology, Histopathology, Blood Bank refrigeration and supplies, blood collection system, liquid handling devices, plastic labware, TB testing, and other rapid test kits, chemicals, and glassware are areas of major concern. It strives to provide customers a one-stop-shop concept for its diagnostic requirements anchored on the basic philosophy of providing quality products at the most affordable price.

Under the able leadership of MR. ALEXANDER HORACIO V. CRISOSTOMO, BIOCARE HEALTH RESOURCES, INC., continues to pursue a standard of excellence not only by consistently providing reliable service and quality products at an affordable cost but also by maintaining a healthy level of profitability for the company in general and optimum benefits for its employees and corporate responsibilities to the community.

The management team is of varied backgrounds mostly coming from the medical and biological sciences with previous stints with hospitals, laboratories, and research institutions and very experienced in the actual application and mastery of the products the company sells.