Statlyte C
Multiple Benefits
Maximum analyzer readiness and uptime
Onboard printer
Patient and QC results can be printed automatically or on demand. The printout also displays normal ranges for each test and flags results that exceed normal range.
Plug-and-play connectivity to LIS/HIS
STATLYTE C easily connects to laboratory information systems and hospital information systems via industry standard, unidirectional POCT1-A2 communication format or ASTM format.
Adjust Dormancy Time & Calibration Time flexible
User Friendly interface & Smart Operation
Easy-to-use, high definition, color touchscreen operation
The touchscreen is easily operated using simple and intuitive prompts and requires minimal training.
Three simple steps
Press Test Scan or enter patient ID 3. Press Aspirate.
One click for Maintenance
Easy debug menu for engineers.

Multi-functional Reagent -Safe, maintenance-free waste system
Biohazardous waste is self-contained within the reagent pack, eliminating waste disposal maintenance and potential exposure.
  • All in one pack with the functions of supply and waste recycling 
  • Integral replacement
  • With built-in reagent management card for close system
  • Easy to install & replace quickly by RFID detection
  • Long shelf life to 24 months
Auto Sampler
  • Support Primary tube and sample cup
  • With 24-holes location, including 20 normal samples. 2 emergency and 2 quality control/calibration
  • Detect the sample tubes in real time in case of contamination cause by human factors
  • Liquid surface detection and anti-collision
  • Built in barcode system
True, liquid quality control (QC)
In the United States, federal government regulations (CLIA) are phasing out electronic equivalent quality control (EOC) and are requiring true, liquid-based quality control QC. STATLYTE C+ combines both true liquid QC and continuous electronic self-monitoring to ensure lab accuracy and uncompromised quality.
QC prompting and QC lockout
STATLYTE C++ provides an onscreen reminder of your customized QC schedule. Out-of-range ac results are automatically flagged and an optional QC lockout feature prevents reporting of patient results when QC is out of range.
Levey Jennings charts and QC statistics
Levey Jennings charts along with cumulative mean and CVs are automatically calculated for each analyte and displayed on screen.

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