The NycoCard™ assays
C-reactive protein Kit
The measurement of CRP provides information for the detection and evaluation of infection, tissue injury, inflammatory disorders and associated diseases.
NycoCard™ CRP key features
  • Immunochemical, membrane flow-through principle
  • 3 minutes test time
  • 5 µL sample volume
Measuring range:
— Whole blood samples: 8-200 mg/L
— Serum or plasma samples: 5-120 mg/L
  • Traceable to the IFCC Reference Method
NycoCard™ CRP test procedure
Dilute sample
Add 5 µL samples to a tube with R1/Dilution Liquid and mix well.
Apply sample
Add 50 µL of the diluted sample to the TD/Test Device using a pipette.
Allow the diluted sample to soak completely into the membrane.
Apply conjugate
Add a drop of the R2/Conjugate to a TD/Test.
Allow the conjugate to soak completely into the membrane.
Apply wash
Add a drop of the R3/Washing Solution to a TD/Test Device.
Allow the washing solution to soak completely into the membrane.
Read the result
Place the TD/Test Device on the READER II pad.
Read the test result within 5 minutes. Follow the NycoCard READER II test procedure.

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