Urilyzer® Auto
The Urilyzer® Auto is a newly designed fully-automated urine test strip analyzer introducing the pipetting technique in combination with a new measuring head to analyze the CombiScreen® 11 Auto urine test strip. In addition the system has a physical ­measurement cell module for determination of specific gravity, color and turbidity. The system is specifically designed to improve the accuracy and safety of urine test strip evaluation.
Features & functions
  • Throughput of up to 240 tests/hour with a batch size of up to 100 test tubes
  • Sample volume of 1 ml (2 ml is required as minimal sample volume)
  • Liquid level sensor
  • Memory capacity of 10,000 results
  • Comfortable color touch screen
  • Bi-directional interface for LIS
  • Built-in barcode reader and thermal-printer
Technical Specifications

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