Mission Vision

Our promise to our clients.

Our Mission

We, the Biocare family, a group of dedicated professional men and women, with the aid of Almighty God, do hereby pledge:

To improve our service and quality of our craft;

Assert our commitment to the company and the community through product and technical expertise;

To sell excellent products at the most reasonable price for the benefit of employee, company, customer and the public;

We believe that our customers are the reason for our existence: that our customers’ satisfaction is our ultimate goal; that by distributing quality products, we preserve the health of our nation:

We shall continuously improve on our Big “R”; empower ourselves through self-reliance, honesty, and self-discipline.

This is not a promise.

Our Vision

BIOCARE HEALTH RESOURCES, INC. is a truly dynamic company in the diagnostic business.

We may not yet be number one, but we try the hardest.

Our people are united in this effort, with a passion to be the foremost diagnostic organization in the Philippines.

We shall grow, expand, and penetrate the market around us. We will manufacture our own brands of machines and reagents. We will house our company and its asset, its people in our own building.

There shall be only professionals in our organization. 

Dedicated, disciplined, committed, honest, and God-fearing. 

Our professionals will be the wealthiest in the industry, with high standards of living befitting hard-working men and women.

The SERVICE that Biocare is doing shall be its hallmark of success. Even with the price and quality advantages, SERVICE will set Biocare apart as a beacon light in the industry. 

This is our Big “R”

Quality Policy

BIOCARE HEALTH RESOURCES, INC. is a reliable importer and distributor of diagnostics products and equipment in the Philippines.

We are committed to delivering only high-quality products and excellent customer services for the benefit of the company, its employees, its clients, and the public.

We shall maintain a quality management system with the commitment to continuously improve processes pertinent to the existence of the business.