Introducing the new product line for Urine Diagnostics


Last April 17, 2021, Biocare Health Resources, Inc. collaborated with the Philippine Society of Medical Laboratory Scientists (PSMLS) and Arkray Co. Ltd., Inc., in hosting its first company webinar for PSMLS (Session 3) on Innovation in Urine Diagnostics & Automation of Manual Microscopy: An Emerging Technology for Critical Kidney Disease Diagnosis.

With the presence of honorable guest speakers: Dr. Gilbert Gonzales (Chief Pathologist AMOSUP Seamen’s Hospital), Mr. Mathivarman Kalathurai, MBA (Cobio Sales Manager APAC), and John Carlo Lee (Regulatory Officer of Arkray Phils.), the seminar highlighted the importance of automation in urine analysis to introduce new technology and machines to our front-liners, standardize urinalysis in their laboratories, and increase accuracy in diagnosing patient diseases, especially during these challenging times.

This event was also considered a graceful opportunity to launch Biocare’s new product line for Urine Diagnostics: COBIO S50 and S80 Automated Urine Sediment Analyzer with AI (Artificial Intelligence and Computer Vision) and Aution Eleven AE4020 Urine Chemistry analyzer.

With modern technology, exploring various opportunities for online learning created an impact in spearheading the seminar. It was declared a successful online event that gathered more than two hundred attendees at the Zoom conference to impart beneficial knowledge and skills to all participants, from medical technologists to clinical laboratory scientists.


The PSMLS Participants received their giveaways from Biocare & Arkray.

Congratulations to the 11 Participants of the PSMLS Webinar Session 3 sponsored by Biocare & Arkray last April 17, 2021.

Here are the photos upon receiving their prizes delivered by our dedicated Biocare Sales Team.